EIFCCOS was established in 2004 as a cooperatives cluster formed by 1000 members who were en-gagged in micro, small and medium scale shoe and component   manufacturing and related activities under natural clusters in merkato,sebategna,Assco and Gulete area in Addis Ababe with an aim to ad-dress multifaceted, age old problem inherent in the value  chain.

To see major transformation of the nation’s shoe making industry become world leader in quality and productivity based on state of the art technology.

To create a pioneering footwear cluster of thousands with synergetic effect in out competing in production and sale of a broad range of quality product to meet the needs and choice of customers in both domestic and international market.

Production Capacity
As in indicated  in the business feasibility study conducted earlier ,EIFCCOS will operate in 70% capacity in the first year when it starts production operation; this capacity utilization will continuously grow to 85% in the 2nd year ,90% in the 3rd  year 95% in the  4th   year  and 100 % in the 5th  year of operation. EIFCCOS will offer 70% of  its products to export  market and the reaming 30% will be sup[plied to domestic market, when starting operation EIFCCOS will product 12,500 pairs of quality shoes for men, women. and children per in three lines.

During the initial year upon commencing operation, EIFCCOS will create thousand of job opportunities and hundreds of thousand under the cluster in the following years.

Apart from direct earnings in their specialized area of activities, members who are share holders in the cooperative society are expected. To reinvest 30% in EIFCCOS and are entitled to profit divided to be distributed in proportion to value added in the chain.

EIFCCOS has already acquired a set of six four storey building in yeka sub city kebele 13/14 and another three storey building in addis ketema sub city worth of 70-80 million birr by way of lease of minimal rate that could be called tree of change. The seventh building has 2,010 square meter floor area each, and the seventh building provides 1,206 square meter floor area. The    Ground floor of one of the six building located in yeka sub city will be utilization for common  facility and remaining will be allocated at suitable site   where the entire infrastructure like telephone, water and electricity are fulfilled.

Subject to the nature and score of the business activity, 25-100 square meter floor area will be apportioned to each upper producer member. Ground floors ofeach building will be used for finished products and raw materials warehouse. Floor allocation is as follows 25 square meters each for 93 micro business units 100 square meters each for 34 medium scale business units

In addition 100 retell outlets carrying domestic producers of the cooperatives society will be opened in all sub cities of Addis Ababa city.